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Gluten-Free food that everyone will love!

This is what being “passionate” about your business and brand creates …
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We’ve been working with Kent & Fraser for a while now and we always look forward to going to the product development and marketing meetings — not just because we’re usually given rather delicious food samples to try, but also because there is a deep passion within the team to deliver exceptional products.

The value of this ethos within a business can’t be underestimated — a real deep desire to be creative and a willingness to be different in all aspects of the business rather than just follow the product development and brand messaging that is in vogue within a particular market sector.

Kent & Fraser could be classed as a predominantly Free-From food company with Gluten-Free as their main focus — but when you taste their products (even if you don’t suffer from a gluten intolerance) the overriding sensation is one of pure pleasure as their cookies and biscuits are exquisite!

This is what being “passionate” about your business and brand creates ... “an emotional response to a product or service that perfectly marries with the marketing messages that the business projects!”

… and it also inspires those that work closely with you, the companies and services that support you … and the customers that buy your products! | Top |
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