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Kent & Fraser - building a very tasty brand

A phenomenally successful launch ... We had just under 300 enquiries during the 3 day show, many from prestigious retail brands!

CEO | Kent & Fraser
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In September 09 we launched the Kent & Fraser 100% Natural & Gluten Free range at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair (Olympia, London).

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Kent & Fraser launched their range of biscuits, cookies and shortbread at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in 2009. From day one, their mission was to develop and produce delicious food that could be enjoyed by all.

In 2009 they said: “Our mission is to make delicious gluten-free products that taste every bit as good, if not better, than the best mainstream alternatives available.

Deliciously Gluten Free was their mantra and they set about creating a range of products that demonstrated respect for their customers by ensuring that anyone that bought a Kent & Fraser product would only ever need to express their preference in flavour and (specifically) never question or excuse the quality of the food based on its gluten-free credentials.

Today this Kent & Fraser brand position may sound familiar for businesses in the free-from marketplace, but research into consumer satisfaction demonstrated that even in 2009 many established free-from brands apparently weren’t even attempting to deliver products that met the quality standards in taste and texture that premium mainstream brands needed to meet by default … or worse still, they appeared to believed that their customers (due to dietary restrictions) had no choice other than to buy their products!

To put this in context, Genius Bread also launched in April 2009 (after a similar period of research and product development) and caught the gluten-free bread marketplace napping by delivering a level of quality in gluten-free bread, here-to unrecognisable! (Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne is one of our brand-owner heroes).

Kent & Fraser— helping to challenge the status quo since 2009
With their clear brand mission, from day one Kent & Fraser has been focused on delivering delicious food that could be enjoyed by all. They called this “their little food for all revolution” and set about demonstrating respect for their customers by delivering premium quality products into the free-from marketplace that were good by any standard.

Kent & Fraser say: We are pleased to have played a our part in setting new standards and raising the bar when it comes to gluten-free food and it’s great to see that some of the larger manufacturers seem to be following suit and joining a little revolution that puts quality and taste first.

That’s what makes for a real Food Revolution … “a niche market joining forces to break apart preconceptions and produce exceptional, real food that can be enjoyed by all!” …

Viva la Revolution!

Find out a little more about Kent & Fraser on their website — or say hello via Twitter and Facebook.

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